Conservative Sheriff Has Harsh Words For Liberal Americans

( – As Democrat-led cities are being overrun by crime, some law enforcement officers have doubled down on their tough on crime policies, including Florida Sheriff Carmine Marceno, who presides over Lee County.

Even though liberals on both the east and west coast voted their Democratic leaders in, many of those liberals are now fleeing their major cities in New York and California for safer communities in states run by Republicans, such as Florida, which Sheriff Marceno has repeatedly pointed out on social media. Marceno shared a video talking about how people leave blue areas to come to red states, which are safer, but then they don’t change their voting habits, which leads to the same results.

The Sheriff had harsh words for people who don’t appreciate law and order: “leave.” He added they should return to where they came from because they aren’t wanted in Florida. He said Floridians don’t want people who believe that lawbreakers “should roam the streets,” an apparent dig at the “no cash bail” policies of liberal cities. Marceno told liberals who support policies that lead to poisonous drugs being dealt on the streets to “live with lawlessness” elsewhere.

Marceno was appointed to his position by Governor Rick Scott in 2018 when the previous sheriff stepped down from his position halfway through his term. He had previously served as Undersheriff. Marceno was then elected to the position in 2020 after willing the Republican primary as well as the general election. In the primary he won nearly 70% of the vote and earned nearly as many votes against his Democrat opponent in the general election.

The Sheriff is up for re-election this year and seems likely to continue to serve in his position, as recent polls indicate that he has a 59% approval rating from his constituents. No other candidates have filed to run against Marceno in the general election, and the deadline to file candidacy is June 14th.

In April of this year, Marceno was honored at the Legacy of Leadership Banquet, hosted by the Conservative Leadership Caucus.

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