Couric Slammed Over MAGA Voters Diss

( – A former TV anchor is being criticized for suggesting that support for former President Donald Trump is based in class resentment and “anti-intellectualism.”

Katie Couric, who worked as the anchor for CBS Evening News, a correspondent for 60 Minutes, and former host of the “Today” show on NBC, appeared on Bill Maher’s podcast “Club Random” on Sunday, April 14th. During her appearance, she debated Maher about the motivations of those who support Trump and the MAGA movement.

Couric claimed the motivations of Trump supporters stem from “bitter” feelings due to economic transformations in the United States, as our society has moved away from an industrial focus to a technological focus. She said that “socioeconomic disparities” have bred resentment between classes as well as anti-intellectualism in the US.

Maher, however, disagreed with Couric’s assertions, pointing out that many of Trump’s supporters see the left as dangerous because it hits “closer to home” for them. Maher brought up the issues of gender ideology and Critical Race Theory in schools, leading many children to question their identities or feel bad for being born a certain race. Couric did not comment directly on those issues, but agreed that it could be a reaction to the pendulum moving “so far to the left.”

The comedian and podcast host suggested that many Trump voters are critical of the former president and see him as flawed, but they also believe he’s the only person standing “between us and madness.”

Many commentators were critical of Couric’s comments, with several of them describing her as “out of touch.” Dr. Nicole Saphier, a contributor to Fox News, said Couric was “talking down” on everyday Americans who are actually suffering under Biden’s policies. Talk show host Ben Ferguson pointed out that the reaction from many on the left to Trump voters is to call them “ignorant or stupid” rather than acknowledging that they are struggling will push more people towards Trump rather than away from him.

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