Daytime TV Hosts Spin Kamala Harris’ Trump Quote

( – The co-hosts of “The View” dedicated their January 18th broadcast to damage control, working to address the fallout from Vice President Kamala Harris’ admission on Wednesday that she was “scared as heck” about the possibility of Donald Trump winning re-election in 2024.

Harris’ comment, which generated widespread headlines and sparked online debate, caught the co-hosts off guard. On Thursday, they struggled to reconcile the vice president’s fear with their own messaging about the Democratic Party’s resilience and commitment to defeating Trump.

Whoopi Goldberg, the show’s moderator, adopted a combative stance, arguing that Trump’s supporters were “the snow-flakiest people” and emphasizing ample reasons to fear his potential return to the White House. Refusing to utter his name aloud, Goldberg painted a dark picture of a second Trump term, suggesting it could pose a serious threat to American democracy.

Joy Behar, known for her pragmatic approach, attempted to clarify Harris’ comments by suggesting that the vice president wasn’t personally afraid of Trump but rather “scared for the country.” However, this distinction did little to quell the anxieties already swirling around Harris‘ remarks.

Sunny Hostin, known for her outspoken views, took a more alarmist approach, declaring that everyone should be scared of Trump retaking office. She drew a stark parallel between the former president and the downfall of great nations. Hostin further argued that Harris’ frankness about the stakes of the 2024 election proved her presidential credentials, suggesting that her willingness to confront the gravity of the situation made her uniquely qualified to lead the country.

The show’s youngest co-host, Sara Haines, offered a more measured perspective. She praised Harris for speaking her mind, arguing that honesty was the only responsible course of action if the situation was as dire as the vice president described.

In a closing flourish, Goldberg echoed Haines’ sentiment, reframing Harris’ fear as a badge of courage. She asserted there was nothing wrong with being afraid and emphasized that it was brave to say you’re scared.

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