Dem Governor Bashes Constituents Who Showed Up to Trump’s Bronx Rally

( – New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul grilled New Yorkers who attended the historic rally of former President Donald Trump recently held in the Bronx.

Speaking on a CNN show, Hochul stated that people who attended Trump’s event were “clowns,” adding that the Big Apple state will only vote for Biden in the 2024 elections.

The governor also noted that Trump is wasting time campaigning in a state like New York, where he is doing “fake” rallies to pretend that he enjoys support here.

She also claimed that Biden is busy serving Americans, adding that the president would win the rest of the important battleground states.

According to the latest surveys, Trump is leading against Biden in six key battleground states including North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada. In Wisconsin, both candidates are currently tied.

Polls are also indicating that more voters nationwide prefer Trump to handle the economy better and that Democrats’ controversial abortion stance is helping Republicans in many states.

Ronald Reagan was the last Republican candidate to win New York in the 1984 presidential race. However, this year’s elections are showing encouraging signs for Republicans as Trump is trailing behind Biden by just a 9% margin in this deep-blue state.

Democrats have a 26-point voter registration advantage in the state, with almost 18% of registered Democrats backing Trump for the president.

During his speech in the South Bronx, Trump expressed his optimism to win New York and urged the voters to come out in great numbers to make the state “too big to rig.”

Trump’s extraordinary rally performance in New York has alarmed other Democrats as well. A progressive lawmaker from New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also expressed her frustration with Trump’s growing popularity and stated that he is broke, so he is trying to lure people into his trap to fund his legal bills.

There is a growing consensus among Democrats that Trump’s impressive rally in the South Bronx’s Hispanic neighborhood is a worrying sign for Biden and other liberals running for different offices in the state.

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