Dem Openly Call for Riots After State’s GOP Pass Pro-Police Bill

( – On Friday, March 15, Tennessee Democratic State Senator Charlene Oliver of Nashville called for action following the passage of a Republican-backed bill in the state Senate. The bill, championed by Republican State Senator Brent Taylor, seeks to prevent cities from imposing restrictions on police traffic stops, which has stirred controversy and garnered strong condemnation from Senator Oliver.

Branding the legislation as “rooted in racism,” Senator Oliver asserted that the bill would compel her constituents to “fight like hell” against what she perceives as an unjust imposition. The bill comes in response to a local ordinance passed by Memphis, which aimed to limit traffic stops for minor infractions such as expired registrations or faulty lights.

This legislative battle unfolded against the backdrop of the tragic death of Tyre Nichols, an African American man who lost his life during a confrontation with Memphis police officers. Nichols’ death, which sparked outrage and prompted the passage of the local ordinance, continues to reverberate in the ongoing discourse surrounding police accountability and racial justice.

In impassioned pleas before state lawmakers, Rodney and RowVaughn Wells, Nichols’ stepfather and mother, urged against the repeal of the ordinance, citing their son’s fatal encounter during a pretextual traffic stop. Despite their emotional appeals, Republican lawmakers pressed forward with the bill, emphasizing the importance of routine traffic stops in restoring law and order.

Senator Taylor defended the legislation, framing it as essential for law enforcement to uphold public safety. He rejected criticisms from Senator Oliver and others, dismissing them as out of touch with the community’s needs.

Democrats, however, decried the measure as Republican overreach, arguing that it undermined local governance and disregarded the concerns of Tyre Nichols’ family. State Senator London Lamar characterized the bill as an example of “big government to the extreme,” asserting that it undermined the ability of local authorities to implement policies that support law enforcement and public safety.

The bill has now advanced to Governor Bill Lee’s desk. In the meantime, the Wells family continues to seek justice for Tyre Nichols and others affected by routine traffic stops that escalate into violence.

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