Democrat Mayor’s Extravagant Behavior Under Scrutiny

( – The Democrat mayor of a small town outside Chicago who calls herself a “Super Mayor” is facing criticism that she is acting in a corrupt manner.

Tiffany Henyard was elected as mayor of Dolton, Illinois, in 2021, and also serves as the Thorton Township supervisor. Her annual salary for both positions is nearly $300,000. For comparison, the Governor of the entire state of Illinois, JB Pritzker, makes $181,000 per year.

Henyard has faced criticism from both local residents as well as trustees in the town. One trustee, Tammy Brown, has said that Henyard has left them in the dark about her activities and spending, even though their job is to oversee her. When some trustees criticized how Henyard has been spending money on the town’s credit card, Henyard shared their pictures on social media and referred to them as “haters.”

In one particularly egregious move, Henyard, who makes $224,000 per year for just her position as Dolton mayor, put forth an ordinance that would cut the mayor’s salary by 90% to $25,000 a year — but only if she doesn’t win the next election. If she wins her re-election bid in 2025, her salary would remain six figures. Burt Odelson, a municipal attorney representing one of Henyard’s political opponents, claims the move is illegal.

Other criticisms of Henyard include lavish spending, such as a recent trip to Las Vegas that cost taxpayers over $13,000. Henyard spent nearly $4,000 on first-class airline tickets, over $8,000 on hotels, and roughly $1,000 on two separate restaurant visits during the trip. When asked directly about her egregious spending on the trip, Henyard simply replied, “Any other questions?”

Henyard has also spent an unknown amount of money putting up billboards in her town with images of her face on them. It appears Henyard is very fond of sharing pictures of herself all over, as she has a heavy social media presence, where she says things like “God chose me.”

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