Democrat Tom Suozzi Wins Special Election in New York

( – Democrat and former Representative Tom Suozzi won the special election triggered by last year’s expulsion of Republican George Santos from the U.S. House of Representatives, which makes the Republican hold in the House even more tenuous than it already was.

George Santos ran against Suozzi for New York’s 3rd Congressional district in 2020 while Suozzi was the incumbent. Though Suozzi won, Santos claimed the election had been stolen. However, in late 2021, Suozzi announced he would not be running for the seat again and would instead campaign for governor of New York. Santos was able to defeat the Democrat who ran to replace Suozzi in 2022 by an 8% margin.

However, not long after Santos won, media reports alleging that Santos had fabricated much of his biography came to light. By May of 2023, Santos was indicted on federal charges of fraud, leading to a resolution from Democrats to expel him from the House. Though the first attempt to expel Santos failed, by December, the House voted to remove Santos from his position, making him the first Republican to be expelled from the House.

Having lost his campaign for governor, Suozzi ran for his previous position, this time against Republican Mazi Pilip. Though the race was close, Suozzi ended up winning by over 13,000 votes. As this was a special election, the seat will be up for grabs again in November. This was the first win for Democrats in the district in three years, leading many to question whether Suozzi will be able to hold onto the seat.

Though Suozzi has been a historic ally of President Biden, he made a point to distance himself from the elderly president at every opportunity, specifically calling on Biden to close the southern border to stem the increasing tide of illegal immigrants coming in. Thousands of illegal immigrants have been sent to Democrat-controlled cities like New York and Chicago, causing many liberal and independent voters in those areas to change their tune on the border crisis.

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