Dems are Fleeing To GOP in Biden’s Home State

( – Pennsylvania, the birthplace and home state of President Joe Biden, is seeing massive waves of Democrats who are leaving the party and switching their affiliation to Republican, as evidenced by the state’s most recent voter registration data.

Pennsylvania is a crucial state for the presidential election, as it is a consistent swing state and holds 19 electoral votes. President Biden called Pennsylvania donors the “backbone” of his campaign just this year. No Democratic candidate has managed to win the presidential election without winning Pennsylvania since 1948.

Newsweek reported that voter data from the state department released on December 18th indicates nearly double the number of Democrats switched to the Republican party than the other way around. According to voter data, 15,622 Republicans switched their affiliation to the Democratic party while 35,589 Democrats switched to the Republican party. The data also reveals that 20,908 Democrats and 18,927 Republicans left their parties to become unaffiliated with either party.

According to the Commonwealth Foundation, a public policy think tank based in Pennsylvania, many voters are dissatisfied with Biden’s job as president, specifically over what the White House has deemed “Bidenomics.” Their senior vice president, Nathan Benefield, said “Joe Biden is unpopular here.” Benefield believes the changes in voter registration are due to how poor the economy has become under Biden.

While Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016, Biden managed to defeat Trump by about 80,000 votes in 2020, or a margin of 1.2 percentage points. However, the latest polls in the state reveal that Biden is either even with Trump or just behind him.

Polls from the Commonwealth Foundation indicate that Biden’s disapproval rating in Pennsylvania is 61%, and his approval rating in the state is lower than the national average. Jay Townsend, a political consultant, said while Biden does not need to win every single swing state, it is imperative that he win Pennsylvania and his campaign should be focusing many of their efforts there.

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