Elderly Man Charged with Murdering Uber Driver

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(ConservativeInsider.org) – An 81-year-old man was charged with murder in Clark County, Ohio after he allegedly shot an Uber driver in an incident authorities believe was prompted by scam phone calls, CBS News reported.

According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, William Brock, 81, called 911 on March 25. When officers arrived at his South Charleston home, they found Uber driver Loletha Hall shot multiple times and Brock bleeding from an injury to his ear and head.

Hall was transported to a Dayton hospital where she later died.

Investigators learned that Brock received a phone call from an unidentified man who told Brock that if he wanted to get his nephew out of jail, he would have to pay $12,000. The caller allegedly threatened to kill both Brock and his nephew if Brock didn’t pay the money.

According to investigators, the same caller or an accomplice then used the Uber app to arrange a package pick-up from Brock’s home. Loletha Hall took the job, unaware that Brock had received a threatening call.

When the unarmed Hall arrived at Brock’s home, she asked about the package she was sent to pick up. Brock allegedly held a gun on Hall and demanded to know who called him. He confiscated her cell phone and wouldn’t let her leave, the sheriff’s office said.

When Hall attempted to flee, Brock shot her once. The two got into a scuffle at Hall’s vehicle before Brock allegedly shot her twice. It was only then that Brock called 911, the sheriff’s office said.

According to court records, Brock was charged with murder and pleaded not guilty. A judge set bail at $200,000.

The sheriff’s office is considering additional charges in the case.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office reiterated that no court or law enforcement agency would ever contact anyone to solicit cash for bail. It urged residents “to use extreme caution” if they were “unexpectedly” contacted by someone claiming to be in a correctional facility.

Uber said in a statement that it was cooperating with the investigation and the individual who ordered the Uber to Brock’s home had been banned from the app.

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