Embattled Georgia DA Fired Whistleblower

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Fani Willis, the Fulton County district attorney in charge of prosecuting former President Donald Trump, has been in the news recently for a scandal involving her hiring her alleged lover as prosecutor for the case. Now, she’s in the news for another scandal: a former employee claims she was terminated for blowing the whistle on unethical activities in their office.

During Willis’s first year as district attorney, an employee named Amanda Timpson came to her to report that another employee, Michael Cuffee, was planning to spend money that was earmarked for a gang prevention project on various other items, such as computers, travel, and “swag.” When Timpson went to Willis with her concerns in November of 2021, she recorded the conversation, as Willis had previously blown off concerns from Timpson of violations occurring in their office.

The Washington Free Beacon, which broke the story, obtained the recording of the conversation, during which Willis said she “respected” Timpson’s assessment of the situation and apologized for Cuffee’s actions. Timpson sent an email to Willis in early December 2021, reiterating her concerns about the misappropriation of federal funds, but Willis did not respond.

Just a few weeks later, in January 2022, Willis fired Timpson and allegedly had her escorted out by seven armed officers. Willis sent Timpson a letter informing her of her termination, claiming that her services as an at-will employee were “no longer needed.” In August 2022, Timpson filed a whistleblower complaint against Willis’s office.

County spending records reviewed by the Free Beacon show that in November 2022, $1,245 of the money that was earmarked for the gang prevention program was spent on Dell products. This seems to be a pattern within the Fulton County DA’s office, as $40,000 from a $2 million grant meant to go through the backlog of rape kits held by the Atlanta police department was spent on computers and travel.

Though Willis centered her campaign for the position of district attorney on how she planned to restore “integrity” to the office, it seems like her promises were just talk.

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