Ex-Capitol Hill Officer Launches Congress Bid

Ex-Capitol Hill Officer Launches Congress Bid

(ConservativeInsider.org) – One day before the third anniversary of the January 6th Capitol attack, Harry Dunn — a former officer who defended the building against rioters — announced his candidacy for Congress in Maryland’s 3rd District.

“This moment demands that everyone step up and defend democracy,” Dunn declared in an interview with The Associated Press. “I’m taking on that responsibility now.”

Dunn’s entry into the race follows the retirement announcement of Democratic Rep. John Sarbanes. The heavily Democratic District, stretching from Baltimore to Washington DC, now faces a crowded primary.

Dunn officially announced his intentions for the congressional seat in a Friday morning X (formerly Twitter) post. “On January 6th, I stood between democracy and insurrection as a Capitol Police Officer. President Biden awarded me the Presidential Citizens Medal for that service. Now, I’m running for Congress to prevent the likes of Trump’s MAGA extremists from ever returning us to that dark day.”

Reflecting on the past three years, Dunn described a complex mix of emotions: anger, sadness, and even a sense of justice as rioters face legal consequences. Over 1,230 individuals have been charged in connection with the attack, with offenses ranging from trespassing to assaulting officers and seditious conspiracy. Approximately 730 have pleaded guilty, and 170 have been convicted.

“Our nation is teetering on the edge,” Dunn stated in the AP interview. “I believe we’re just one election cycle away from losing our democracy as we know it.”

Dunn’s decision to run comes amid a wave of retirements from both parties, with roughly two dozen Democrats and fourteen Republicans choosing not to seek reelection.

“Many are leaving because Congress has become a toxic environment,” Dunn acknowledged. “But that’s exactly why good people need to step up and prevent the wrongdoers from winning.”

At 40, Dunn believes his unique background as a Capitol police officer would be invaluable in Congress.

“I’ve seen democracy under attack firsthand, witnessed infighting in the halls of power, and observed members failing to engage in decent discourse,” he shared. “My experience defending and witnessing democracy in action uniquely qualifies me to push back against those who seek to undermine it.”

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