Ex-Defense Secretary Under Trump Won’t Vote For Him

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The man who served as Secretary of Defense under former President Donald Trump said he won’t be voting for Trump in November and may even vote for President Joe Biden.

Mark Esper, who served as Defense Secretary under President Trump, appeared on “Real Time With Bill Maher” on Friday, March 29th. When host Maher asked Esper if he was planning to vote for Biden in the general election in November, Esper said he wasn’t ready to commit to voting for Biden yet, but he was “definitely not voting for Trump.” When Maher pressed him, Esper said when Trump does “something crazy,” it opens the door to him voting for Biden “a little bit more.”

This is not the first time Esper has stated that he does not plan to vote for Trump again for president, as he first said so back in 2022. When asked in 2022, Esper said a president needs to put country first, maintain a certain level of “integrity and principle,” and they need to be able to work with people on the opposite side of the aisle, adding that Trump did not meet those marks in his opinion.

Esper did hold back on criticizing Trump, and also criticized those around Trump, saying that the number one trait Trump is looking for in cabinet members is loyalty to Trump over the Constitution. Esper went so far as to call Trump a “threat to democracy” as well as a threat to national security over Trump’s handling of classified documents. The former Secretary of Defense has also described Trump as “unfit for office.”

Trump’s former Defense Secretary isn’t the only former cabinet member to criticize Trump after he left office. Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has been critical of Trump since leaving office. One of Trump’s other Defense Secretaries, James Mattis, wrote a strong rebuke of Trump as well.

Trump ended Esper’s time as Secretary of Defense shortly after the 2020 election, announcing on social media that Esper had been “terminated” but thanked him for his service.

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