Ex-Special Counsel Reveals Why Biden Kept Classified Files

(ConservativeInsider.org) – In a public hearing held on Tuesday, March 12, former Special Counsel Robert Hur revealed startling insights into President Biden’s actions regarding classified materials during his time as vice president. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan spearheaded the inquiry, questioning Hur about Biden’s deliberate retention and disclosure of classified information.

Jordan wasted no time, pointing out Biden’s extensive political experience spanning five decades, including his tenure as vice president and chairmanship of the Foreign Relations Committee. Regarding Hur’s report, Jordan highlighted Biden’s deep familiarity with the protocols for safeguarding classified documents.

In his report, Hur noted that Biden was well aware of the measures in place to protect classified information. When Jordan pressed Hur on why Biden chose to disregard these rules, Hur hesitated to provide a definitive answer, acknowledging that his report didn’t explicitly address Biden’s motives.

However, Jordan persisted, citing specific passages from Hur’s report that hinted at Biden’s motivations. According to Hur’s findings, Biden’s strong incentives to ignore proper procedures stemmed from his decision to pen a memoir, for which he received a hefty $8 million advance. Jordan emphasized that Biden’s motive was clear: financial gain.

The congressman pointed out that Biden had started working with a ghostwriter while still in office, underscoring his eagerness to profit from his vice-presidential experiences. Hur confirmed that Biden received $8 million for his book and viewed his notebooks as vital records to bolster his legacy.

But it wasn’t just about the money, Jordan argued. He suggested that Biden’s ego played a significant role, as evidenced by his desire to cement his status as a world leader. Hur agreed, acknowledging the evidence supporting these assessments.

Hur’s report highlighted the serious risks Biden took by sharing classified information with his ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer. Testifying before the committee, Hur revealed that Zwonitzer possessed audio recordings of his conversations with Biden in which classified information was discussed. However, upon learning of the investigation, Zwonitzer deleted these files, prompting Jordan to accuse him of attempting to destroy evidence.

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