Experts Warn of New Costly Prize Scam

( – A warning was put out by the Michigan Lottery telling people to be wary of scams from people claiming to be agents of the Michigan lottery or winners looking to share their prize, because scams are rampant around the holidays.

According to a press release by the Michigan lottery, all prize claims are processed for free, and prizes are only given to those with winning tickets. If you did not purchase a ticket or do not possess a winning ticket, you are not a prize winner.

If you are curious if you’ve won or want to know if a lottery promotion is real, you can reach out to the Lottery Player Relations Division. Their number is 844-887-6836 and their email address is [email protected].

There are two ongoing scams involving the Michigan lottery. One is a message, which can be sent by email, text, letter, or phone call, telling someone that they’ve won a large prize via the lottery. The scammer then tells the attempted target that they must pay a fee in order to get their prize. As a reminder, all lottery prizes are processed for free, and you will never be asked to pay to collect your winnings.

The other scam is similar, but it involves someone claiming to be a lottery winner who’s willing to share their prize if the attempted target sends them money first. In both versions of the scam, the scammer convinces the target to send money via a cashier’s check or an electronic money transfer. Some have even been so brazen as to request an in-person meeting where the target gives the scammer cash. The scammers will sometimes even come back for more after their target has given them money, claiming “unexpected processing fees.”

The Michigan lottery suggests you contact your local law enforcement if someone contacts you and attempts to scam you.

Ironically, a recent second chance lottery winner in Michigan thought he was being scammed when he got an email saying he won $100,000. Luckily, he contacted the lottery office to find out he was a legitimate winner.

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