Former Obama Adviser Faces Child Abuse Charge

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( – A man who worked as a counter-terrorism adviser to former President Barack Obama was arrested in Britain in late February on charges of child molestation and abuse.

The former adviser is 46-year-old Rahamim “Rami” Shy, an American citizen who was born in New Jersey. Shy was arrested in Bedfordshire in England, though it is unclear if he was residing in the UK or merely visiting at the time of his arrest.

The charges against Shy are harrowing, including possession of “indecent images of children,” possession of “prohibited images of children,” as well as “arranging the commission” of an offense against a child, though it is unclear when the discovery of the images or the commission of the offense happened. Shy remains in police custody in the UK and made a virtual appearance in front of the Luton Crown Court on Friday, April 19th. He was not asked to enter a plea during his appearance and has another hearing in June, though his trial is not set to begin until August.

Shy worked in a senior role in the Treasury Department from 2008 until 2014, working to help the government stop the financing of terrorist activities by Al Qaeda and the Taliban, as well as helping foreign governments to impose sanctions on regimes that supported terrorism. He spent time in Afghanistan working for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which is run by NATO and was meant to help maintain stability of the region following the invasion of the country by American forces. Shy also testified in front of Congress in 2010 about security issues related to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The former Obama adviser studied international security policy at both Rutgers and Columbia University and was employed by Citi Bank at the time of his arrest, though a representative for the company said he no longer is an employee. All of his social media accounts have been removed since his arrest.

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