Fox News Caves to Threat Over Hunter Biden Docuseries

Lawyers Reportedly Tried To Infiltrate Set of New Hunter Biden Movie

( – Conservative network Fox News removed a documentary about President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, from their streaming service after receiving a legal threat from Hunter Biden’s legal team, claiming that certain images used in the documentary were “private.”

Though the documentary series, The Trials of Hunter Biden, has been available for two years now, a spokesperson for Fox News Media said they were removing the docuseries for the time being out of “an abundance of caution.” The spokesperson said they would review the issues that Hunter Biden’s legal team brought forth, seemingly leaving the door open to returning the docuseries to their platform once they are assured all the images used are legally permitted to use.

According to a letter from Hunter Biden’s attorneys, the images used in the docuseries were “hacked, stolen, and/or manipulated,” which they further claim that Fox was aware of when they included the images. Hunter Biden’s legal team accused Fox of “defaming and disparaging” the First Son for “commercial purposes.”

One of the claims that Hunter Biden and his attorneys has repeatedly made is that the images used were “hacked” from his personal devices. However, following an investigation by the Department of Justice, authorities confirmed that the images purportedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop matched those within his iCloud. The DOJ also confirmed the original story of how the images were obtained, which is that Hunter Biden left his laptop at a repair shop and did not return to pick it up. The store owner stated that he turned over the laptop to the FBI after he discovered “disturbing content” on the hard drive.

Fox defends their usage of the images as “constitutionally protected coverage,” as Hunter Biden is a public figure. Fox described their coverage of Hunter Biden as accurate and permitted by the First Amendment. They also pointed out that Hunter Biden has been investigated by both Congress and the Department of Justice, along with indictments in two different states and admissions of wrongdoing to multiple illegal acts.

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