Free Tampons Now Standard in Some Canadian Men’s Restrooms

( – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has implemented a policy requiring all organizations under federal jurisdiction, including military bases and airports, to offer free menstrual products in every restroom, regardless of gender labels. This policy extends to providing tampons and sanitary pads in men’s bathrooms at the Canadian Parliament.

Last week, news of the policy change spread when former Canadian Conservative Senator Linda Frum shared a photo of a basket containing free tampons and sanitary pads in a men’s bathroom for transgender members of Parliament. This sparked a heated online discussion.

Frum, posting on X (formerly Twitter), highlighted that women had to pay for menstrual products in the past. With the recognition that men also menstruate (she believes), she advocates for these products to be freely available in all men’s washrooms in federal offices, including Parliament Hill.

An anonymous account known as @HOCstaffer (House of Commons staffer) later confirmed the report.

The Canadian Labour Code underwent a change, announced in May and implemented on Dec. 15. According to Canada’s Employment and Social Development website rules, it now mandates menstrual products in all restroom facilities, regardless of their designated gender. The rules specify that every restroom, whether identified for females, males, or all genders, must have menstrual products available.

The Labor Code also emphasized that providing employees with access to menstrual products promotes improved health and productivity in the workplace while also helping to reduce the stigma around menstruation.

In response, Trudeau’s government stated that offering free menstrual products for employees who menstruate helps protect them and ensures they can comfortably use restroom facilities that match their gender. The statement also clarified that each employer is responsible for securing the funding to purchase these products and disposal containers.

The founder of the Here for Her campaign, Rachel Ettinger, began urging the Canadian government in 2020 to place menstrual products in men’s bathrooms, stressing the importance of treating menstrual products as essential items, similar to toilet paper.

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