GOP Rep Says He’s Confused By Office Vandal’s Motive

( – A Republican Representative from California, David Valadao, had his office vandalized this week by anti-Israel protestors. On a photo shared to social media, the front of Valadao’s office was covered in posters that said “Murdered by Israel” and had pictures of Palestinians who have died in the conflict with Israel. The office front was also covered in a sticky red substance, likely some type of syrup, meant to represent blood.

Authorities report that there were four people involved in the vandalization, per surveillance video that has not been shared with the public. According to police, the vandalization took place just before midnight on Sunday night. As over $900 of damage was done, the vandalization counts as a felony. Valadao said he was confident in the ability of law enforcement to discover the identity of those involved and he plans to press charges when they are identified.

In an appearance on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” Valadao said he thinks that the vandals chose his office because it’s on a main road and they thought more people might see their vandalization and think “it’s okay to side with terrorists.” He said he failed to understand their logic, calling their actions “disgusting.”

Valadao said that if the protestors truly cared about the children who are suffering in Palestine, they would be against Hamas, who is actively using children as shields by hiding their military operations inside schools and hospitals in Gaza, which puts thousands of civilians at risk.

Sharing pictures of the damage on social media, Valadao said that he supports the right for everyone to protest peacefully, but vandalization, property damage, and violence are never acceptable. He also stated that his office remains open to constituents, who can make appointments to speak to him or his staff.

The incident follows months of increased conflict between Israel and Hamas after the surprise attack on Israel on October 7th. It is believed that 200 hostages from Israel are still being held by Hamas.

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