GOP Rep Slams Colleagues For Undermining Speaker

( – Republican Congressman Mike Lawler of New York slammed his own party members for creating turmoil in the House of Representatives that has effectively reduced the power of Speaker Mike Johnson.

Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Lawler claimed that Rep. Matt Gaetz, alongside “seven useful idiots” of the Republican Party, teamed up with 208 Democrats last year to oust Kevin McCarthy from the speakership, a move that has since created political instability in the lower chamber of Congress.

Lawler stated that Johnson had little power to negotiate the Israel and Ukraine funding package just because Gaetz and his seven conservative allies created roadblocks for the last House speaker, McCarthy. He also revealed that removing McCarthy and Hamas’ attack on Israel triggered global doldrums, and repeating the same mistake would create an unprecedented situation that can jeopardize global security and put America’s national interest at risk.

Lawler also mentioned that the United States is responsible for protecting the world by backing its allies against the looming threats that have threatened global security. However, the Congressman expressed optimism that the House would successfully vote for the aid package even after the opposition of some conservative lawmakers.

Lawler comments came ahead of a highly anticipated vote to approve foreign aid for Israel and Ukraine. Multiple Republican lawmakers voiced concerns about the bills and tried to tie them to America’s domestic needs, particularly the deteriorating condition at the US-Mexico border.

Despite these concerns, the funding was successfully passed by the House with a majority of House Republicans, 112, voted against the Ukraine aid package and 21 voted no for the Israel funding.

Republicans who are trying to oust Johnson are led by far-right Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who accused the Speaker of promoting the agenda of the Biden administration and warned him to resign or be ready to be removed.

She has already filed a motion to oust Johnson from Speakership in March, although she has yet to push the House to vote on that.

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