GOP Rep Vows to Move Past Greene’s Tactics

( – A Republican representative from New York has called out fellow Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attempts to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson, calling her actions “political theater.”

In an interview with “The Source” on CNN on Thursday, April 18, Rep. Marc Molinaro discussed Greene’s actions, suggesting she was trying to hold Congress “hostage” to her whims. He stated that her actions need to end and he would have “no part” in her attempts, saying many of their moderate and conservative colleagues believe “enough is enough.”

In late March, Greene attempted to remove recently instated Speaker Johnson by filing a motion to vacate his position. Only one other Republican, Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, publicly supported Greene’s efforts, agreeing to co-sponsor the resolution. Greene and Massie have repeatedly criticized Johnson, saying they will not tolerate the way he is executing the “Democrat’s agenda.”

Molinaro pointed out that the only way America will be able to support our allies abroad to push back against “evil like Putin” is to work together in a bipartisan way. The New York Representative said he’s willing to work with anyone who is “honest and earnest” about fixing problems in America, regardless of their party affiliation.

Though many conservatives have balked at Johnson’s recent announcement of his intention to provide aid and support to Ukraine and Israel, many others have condemned Greene’s efforts, especially due to the fact that the House of Representatives was stuck in gridlock for weeks after Kevin McCarthy was removed from his position as House Speaker in late 2023.

Greene, an ardent supporter of Trump, has frequently been embroiled in controversies. In April of this year, shortly before the solar eclipse, Greene wrote a post on social media suggesting that an earthquake in New Jersey and the upcoming eclipse were signs from God that America needs to “repent.”

After Molinaro’s remarks, USA Today reached out to Greene’s spokesperson, Nick Dyer, to ask for comment. Dyer replied “who is that?”

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