GOP Senator Asks DOJ To Investigate Anti-Trump Columnist

( – A Republican senator from Ohio, J.D. Vance, has asked the DOJ to look into the work of a Washington Post writer who wrote an opinion piece advocating for resistance to a second presidential administration under Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, Vance sent a letter to the Attorney General and the Secretary of State expressing his dismay over an opinion article by Robert Kagan, an editor at large, which he said advocated open rebellion to stop a Trump dictatorship. According to Vance, who has seen public charging materials filed by the DOJ in court, he has reason to believe that one or both of them would frame this piece as an expression of unlawful conspiracy, a call to rebellion, or an effort to instigate civil war.

Kagan stated that a U.S. dictatorship is likely to occur in the next few years and that Americans who believe a U.S. military committed to protecting the Constitution can save them from dictatorship are dreaming. In the piece, he went on to say that an additional Trump term in office would legitimize treason, secession, and probably political violence.

According to Kagan’s theory, governors of heavily Democrat states like New York and California might mount opposition by using a nullification strategy. Even if the federal government were to become dictatorial, states controlled by Democrats may choose not to acknowledge its power. According to Kagan, that is always a possibility under our federal structure.

In order to determine if the DOJ was planning on conducting an investigation, Vance asked Garland and Blinken to answer by January 6, 2024. He went on to inquire whether the department shared Kagan’s view that states had the right to ignore federal regulations when they did not agree with them.

The senator continued by inquiring about the DOJ’s process for determining whether Kagan’s statements might constitute a conspiracy to violate voter’s rights, whether they constitute a rebellion against the U.S., or intimidation of voters in the next election.

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