GOP Senators Want Adjustments Within Biden’s $106 Billion Aid Proposal

( – The Biden administration is asking the Senate to approve a bill that would provide $106 billion in emergency funds to Ukraine and Israel, but some Republican Senators are pushing back.

The proposed bill would send $61 billion to Ukraine in their fight against Russia, $14 billion to Israel for their security against terrorist group Hamas, and $9 billion in aid for humanitarian purposes in both conflict zones. The bill also includes $14 billion for the southern US border, which is currently facing one of the worst influxes of migrants ever seen. That money would help to process more migrants who are seeking asylum, pay for more border patrol agents, and provide reimbursements to cities and organizations that have created shelters for migrants, which some Republicans have spoken out against, suggesting the money would be better spent if it focused on deportations.

While the majority of the Senate are united in their support of Israel in the wake of the Hamas attack in early October that left 1,400 dead, many Republicans have concerns about the United States funding the war in Ukraine.

The White House appears to believe that connecting the unpopular Ukraine funding with nearly unanimously supported funding for Israel will increase the likelihood that the bill will pass, which several Senators have called out. Florida Senator Rick Scott released a statement expressing “overwhelming bipartisan support” to provide aid to Israel, which he believes could be passed immediately in the Senate.

In a move that surprised some, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell supported the Biden administration’s decision to make funding for Ukraine and Israel a package deal, saying both conflicts are interrelated “worldwide problems” that should not be dealt with separately.

Congress has already authorized $113 billion in funding to Ukraine, both for military and humanitarian aid. Though not all of the money has been spent, the Biden administration is urging Senators to pass the proposed bill, saying that Ukrainian funds are running low.

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