Greene Stands by Belief of Divine Messages in Eclipse and Earthquake

( – Georgia Reppublican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene remained steadfast in her own defense on April 7, reiterating her earlier assertion that Monday’s eclipse and Friday’s earthquake in the New York area were divine messages urging people to repent.

In response to two days of criticism, Greene addressed concerns through a community note added to her original post on X (formerly Twitter). She explained that although eclipses are scientifically predictable, she believes they are ultimately creations of God and can serve as signs for those who hold faith.

In her Sunday morning update on X, Greene acknowledged that her post had faced criticism and had received additional community notes, with many people not taking her content seriously. However, she continued by referencing a passage in Luke 12:54-56, affirming that while eclipses are predictable and earthquakes occur regularly, believers should consider these natural phenomena, including the passage of comets, as signs from God.

On Friday, an earthquake rattled the New York region, an unusual occurrence for the area. Then, on Monday, a total solar eclipse is expected to be seen by many people across the country. This rare phenomenon is not likely to occur again for another two decades.

In her Friday post, Greene conveyed her belief that God is sending strong signs to America, urging repentance. She mentioned earthquakes, eclipses, and other forthcoming events as part of this message, expressing hope that the nation heeds the call. Following this statement, a community note was appended, providing links to government resources.

The community note explained that earthquakes are typical global phenomena, and real-time tracking is possible through USGS resources. It also explained that eclipses are not random events; instead, they follow precise mathematical principles and can be forecasted years before they happen.

Despite this not being the first time Greene has sparked controversy, during a tense private meeting of House GOP members in 2021, she publicly apologized for her previous controversial statements and her connection to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

During the meeting, Greene acknowledged her error in entertaining “Q” and admitted she learned a crucial lesson about social media content and even shared her experience with her children.

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