Haley Blasted For Signing Israeli Artillery Shell

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley attracted severe criticism after writing “finish them” on an Israeli missile.

During her visit to the Israeli sites that were attacked by Hamas on October 7, Haley condemned the terror group and urged the Netanyahu government not to surrender to Hamas.

She met some families of the October 7 victims and visited an Israeli artillery station with the Israeli lawmaker Danny Danon, where she penned the controversial message on the missile that triggered the controversy.

According to Haley, if Israel does not eliminate Hamas completely, the terror outfit will be able to regroup and attack the Jewish nation again.

Multiple human rights groups lashed back at the former Republican presidential nominee for her confrontational thoughts.

Amnesty International USA stated that everyone should avoid “stunts” in the conflict zones, and civilians need to be protected at every cost.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations also slammed Haley for writing a “violent” message.

The former executive director of the Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, questioned Haley’s motive and asked her to openly support Israeli war crimes.

Haley has been a long-standing supporter of Israel’s military ambitions in the Middle East. During her presidential campaign, she doubled down on this support and revealed that no Israeli Prime Minister would face her criticism during the war.

She also threw her weight behind Donald Trump for the November elections after slamming Biden for not doing enough to protect Israeli interests.

Every country that is recognizing the State of Palestine is encouraging terror groups to attack Israel, Haley added.

Her visit to support Israel came at a time when the country is facing unprecedented international condemnation for invading Rafah, which was housing more than 1.4 million Palestinian refugees.

The Israeli military previously called Rafah a “safe zone”, which triggered mass migration to the city, but the Israeli invasion there has left many Palestinians in a state of uncertainty.

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