Haley Nabs 16% of State’s GOP Primary Votes

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Nikki Haley, who withdrew from the Republican presidential race after the Super Tuesday defeat, won more than 157,000 votes in Pennsylvania primaries on April 23.

Trump eventually carried the 16 Republican delegates of Pennsylvania after winning 83.4% of votes as the results poured in. However, Haley’s extraordinary performance of clinching 16% votes of the state two months after ending her campaign presents worrisome signs for the former president, who is only leading the Keystone state against Biden by a tiny margin of 0.4 percent.

Pennsylvania has 19 electoral college votes and is one of the six states that are likely to decide the next president of the United States. Biden won this state in 2020 with a small margin of 1.17%.

After failing to put on an impressive show in the March 5 Super Tuesday primaries, Haley dropped out of the presidential race without supporting Donald Trump’s campaign.

Haley, who also served as a US ambassador to the United Nations in the Trump administration, was the last major candidate to drop out of the Republican presidential race. She only withdrew when Trump’s victory became all but certain.

Despite not winning the Republican nomination, Haley won more than 2 million votes in Super Tuesday elections. She even defeated Donald Trump in the Washington DC and Vermont primaries while winning significant votes in Arizona and Washington.

Not to mention that she also made impressive inroads in Georgia, where she won nearly 77,000 votes, also after dropping out of the race.

Political observers believe that Trump may have a hard time winning over Haley’s voters in the November elections since most of them belong to the moderate faction of the Republican party.

Biden is also trying to win Haley’s voters. After Haley’s withdrawal from the GOP primaries, Biden said he has a place for these voters in his campaign and that Donald Trump does not want them to embrace them.

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