Haley Secures Endorsement of NH Governor Sununu

(ConservativeInsider.org) – On Tuesday, December 12th, Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire declared his full support for Nikki Haley in the 2024 Republican presidential race, six weeks ahead of the first-in-the-nation GOP primary.

While at a sky lodge in Manchester, Chris Sununu shared that a kind older woman asked him if he would endorse Haley for president. He responded enthusiastically, saying, “Absolutely! Let’s make it happen!” The crowd clapped and gave a standing ovation.

Haley’s endorsement marks a significant victory for her campaign in New Hampshire, positioning her as a key contender against Donald Trump. Despite Trump’s strong lead in national and early state polls, Haley’s numbers have risen, placing her second in New Hampshire. Recent polls show Trump maintaining a lead with 45 percent support, compared to Haley’s 18 percent. Haley believes her path to victory lies in increasing poll numbers over time as the GOP field narrows.

The belief is that if she performs well in New Hampshire and Iowa, a strong showing in these initial states could launch a formidable challenge capable of taking on Trump directly in her home state of South Carolina. In New Hampshire, Sununu described Haley’s momentum as both “real” and “tangible,” emphasizing that his state is prepared to move beyond Trump and showcase a new direction for the nation.

The Governor stated that New Hampshire has a chance to lead the country and move forward without dwelling on the past. He thanked Trump for his service and said it’s time to move on, emphasizing that this is New Hampshire’s approach.

After Sununu endorsed her, Haley said it was a solid endorsement to be supported by the Live Free or Die governor. Sununu, a popular governor in a purple state who criticized Trump, was seen as the most sought-after endorsement in New Hampshire. While he had considered running for president in 2024, he ultimately chose not to.

In the early states of South Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire, Republican governors have different preferences for the party’s presidential nominee. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster endorsed Trump, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds backed DeSantis, while Sununu endorsed Haley.

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