House Reaches Bipartisanship On Anti-Israel Student Protests

( – Lawmakers from both parties are urging the Columbia University’s administration to launch a decisive crackdown on anti-Israel protests that have disrupted educational activities and jeopardized the safety of Jewish students.

On April 29, 21 House Democrats led by Josh Gottheimer and Dan Goldman wrote a letter to the Board of Trustees of Columbia University, urging them to take action against the protesters or resign from their positions.

On April 30, Columbia allowed the NYPD to move in to the campus to clear out demonstrators who had taken control of buildings and land.

The letter stated that the time of negotiation has already passed, and now is the time to enforce Title VI, according to which no person can be denied participation based on their color, race, or national origin, in any program receiving federal funding.

Meanwhile, a college rabbi advised Jewish students to stay away from the campus in anticipation of violence.

According to the letter, the protesters are not ready to reach a “reasonable agreement,” and it is time to make the safety of all students possible.

Republicans have already asked Columbia leadership to resign if they cannot quell the demonstrations. House Speaker Mike Johnson visited the college and publicly demanded President Shafik’s resignation if she fails to restore normalcy to the campus.

In the upper chamber of Congress, Democratic Senator John Fetterman is the loudest voice against Shafik from the left and has called for her resignation.

However, several left-leaning lawmakers, including Squad members AOC and Ilhan Omar, have expressed sympathy for the protesters and have visited Columbia University to meet with them.

Democrats’ letter came at a time when Columbia University has failed to reach an agreement with protesters, who demanded the college divest from Israel. However, Columbia President Minouche Shafik announced the institution won’t meet the demand.

As protests intensified, a group of violent protesters broke into the historic Hamilton Hall of the university, prompting the administration to request police assistance, which led to hundreds of arrests. Due to the ongoing violence, the university has already shifted its classes to a hybrid education model.

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