Hungary Vetoes EU’s $54 Billion Ukraine Aid Package

( – In the days following President Zelensky’s failure to convince U.S. legislators to provide $61 billion for the war-torn nation of Ukraine, Hungary has denied a $54 billion European Union (EU) funding plan to Ukraine.

Upon leaving the EU leaders’ conference in Brussels on December 14, Hungary’s Prime Minister, Orbán, said that, after adequate preparation, the veto over the additional funding for Ukraine would be reconsidered next year.

Because Zelensky relies so much on EU and US money to ward off Russian troops, his veto dealt yet another severe blow to him. Because of this decision, Zelensky is in a far worse position to get the funds he needs to keep the fight going.

Orbán claimed on a radio broadcast that he had stopped the assistance plan for Ukraine because of a multiyear strategy to ensure that Hungary obtains the sums it needs from the EU budget. He has a history of using confrontations with other European Union officials as a tool for political gain at home.

The Russian invasion was supposed to be short-lived, but the Ukrainian resistance has extended the battle into what is now approaching its third year. But Zelensky’s promised military plans failed to materialize in the second year. As a result of this setback, lawmakers in Congress are now wondering how much more help will be requested for Ukraine and for what duration the United States should or could continue to provide it.

The EU opened accession discussions with Ukraine, which might lead to the country’s eventual membership in the 27-member union, despite Orbán’s disapproval. Zelensky, who seeks to bring the nation into closer alignment with the West, has this as a strategic objective.

Despite this, Orbán, who has strong relations with Russia, warned that Hungary might still reject the negotiations at any moment, calling it a poor choice. The 27 member states of the EU need to reach a unanimous decision in order to expand the union or provide help to Ukraine.

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