Hunter Biden Agrees To Testify If Inquiry Is Public

( – On Tuesday, Hunter Biden responded to a subpoena from Republicans by agreeing to testify publicly before Congress. This move sets the stage for a potential high-stakes confrontation even as a special counsel probe unfolds and his father, President Joe Biden, campaigns for reelection.

Concerns were raised by Hunter Biden about the subpoena requesting private testimony, as he feared possible manipulation. However, Rep. James Comer, the House Oversight Committee chairman from Kentucky, remains firm, demanding complete cooperation from Republicans regarding the initial deposition request.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer described the inquiry as a “fishing expedition,” aligning with his recent assertive legal stance. This comes amid ongoing efforts by congressional Republicans to link his father to business dealings.

The subpoenas issued in early November by Comer, including one to Hunter Biden, marked the inquiry’s boldest move, pushing the boundaries of congressional oversight powers.

While Republicans have not found direct evidence linking President Biden to any wrongdoing, concerns have been raised about the Biden family”s business ethics. Lawmakers argue that their evidence portrays a troubling scenario of “influence peddling” in the family”s business dealings.

In Tuesday”s letter, Hunter Biden”s attorney, Abbe Lowell, stated that his client had previously expressed a willingness to speak with the committee without receiving a response. Lowell said that closed-door sessions could be used to “manipulate” the facts with “selective leaks.”

Lowell urged, “If, as you claim, your efforts are important and involve issues that Americans should know about, then let the light shine on these proceedings.”

Hunter Biden is willing to testify on December 13, the date mentioned in the subpoena, or on another day next month. Subpoenas have also been issued to his uncle, James Biden, and former business associate, Rob Walker. Democrats firmly oppose these subpoenas, and the White House has urged their withdrawal, denouncing them as “irresponsible.”

Hunter Biden faces three firearms felonies linked to his 2018 gun purchase during a period when he admitted to struggling with drug addiction. The case arose after a planned plea deal for tax evasion and gun charges fell apart in a July hearing.

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