Hunter Biden’s Paintings Fetch $1.5 Million

( – Prominent Los Angeles-based art gallery owner Georges Bergès, who has ties to former President Donald Trump, faces scrutiny from House Republicans for representing President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The House panel recently disclosed a comprehensive overview of Hunter Biden’s artwork sales, revealing details about the buyers and financial arrangements during a closed-door interview with Bergès.

In total, ten buyers acquired Hunter Biden’s artwork, resulting in a total sum of $1.5 million. The sales agreement specifies that Mr. Bergès receives 40 percent of the proceeds, while Biden retains 60 percent. Notably, three buyers have been identified, while the remaining seven remain anonymous. The largest share of the sales, amounting to $875,000, went to Kevin Morris, Biden’s close friend and financial benefactor.

Democratic donor Elizabeth Naftali purchased two pieces for $52,000 and $42,000, respectively, while art collector William Jacques, a friend of Bergès and part-owner of his gallery, acquired four pieces for a total of $122,500.

Despite the art purchases, some Republicans and ethics experts question the possibility of influence-buying. This skepticism arises from the challenge of determining the value of artworks, especially considering Hunter Biden’s relatively unknown status as an artist. Biden’s allies, however, refute these claims, emphasizing the merit of the artwork and the anonymity of most buyers, asserting that there are no expectations of favors from the White House.

The House Judiciary and Oversight committees conducted a closed-door interview with Bergès on Jan. 9 while investigating President Biden in an impeachment inquiry. Hunter Biden is scheduled for an interview on Feb. 28, following negotiations over the terms.

Mr. Bergès, who entered into an arrangement with Hunter Biden in December 2020, claimed in the interview that he never spoke with anyone from the White House. Despite his admiration for Biden’s art and personal journey, Bergès allowed the contract to lapse last year, citing security concerns, death threats, and assumptions about his political affiliations.

Reportedly, the controversy surrounding the art sales has seriously affected Biden’s ability to sell paintings, as potential buyers fear subpoenas from House Republicans.

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