Ilhan Omar Subject of House Censure Resolution Over Genocide Remark

( – Republican Congressman Don Bacon of Nebraska introduced a resolution to censure progressive Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her antisemitic remarks in which she suggested that some Jewish students support genocide.

However, Bacon stated that he would discuss the resolution with House Speaker Mike Johnson and will not bring it immediately for the vote.

Bacon stated that he wanted to take a firm stand against Omar, as calling Jewish Americans “pro-genocide” should not be accepted at all.

During her visit to Columbia University, Omar stated that she met with many Jewish students who were also protesting against Israel’s war on Gaza. She said that regardless of the fact that Jewish students are “pro-genocide or anti-genocide”, they deserve respect and protection from bigotry.

Her remarks attracted criticism from Republican lawmakers.

Bacon called these comments “slanderous,” adding that her words can jeopardize the security of Jewish students, who are already fearing violence due to rising antisemitic protests.

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer criticized Omar’s visit to Columbia University, stating that her efforts to embrace “pro-terrorist extremists” will lead to violence against Jewish students.

CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, also lambasted Omar on these comments, claiming that this is an exact approach that results in the killing of people.

Omar has often found herself at crossroads with her GOP colleagues. Earlier this year, Emmer urged the House to launch an investigation against the progressive congresswoman for her wrong translation of her own remarks about Somalia, in which she allegedly stated that as an American lawmaker, she would keep Somalian interests first. Far-right Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene moved a resolution to censure Omar over those remarks, although her resolution did not reach the House for a vote.

In 2023, House Republicans even removed Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee for her years-old antisemitic comments for which she had already apologized. Omar suggested that this was the only platform she used to raise her voice against America’s foreign policy.

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