Iowa Empowers Local Law Enforcement to Arrest Some Illegals

( – Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa passed a new law on April 10 that encourages local law enforcement officers to arrest illegal immigrants if they have been deported in the past or denied entry into the state. The name of the bill is Senate File 2340, which imposes a penalty of up to two years in prison and is classified as an aggravated misdemeanor. This will become law on July 1, 2024.

Texas previously passed a similar law allowing for the arrest of illegal immigrants by local police. That law has faced constitutional legal challenges from President Biden’s administration and has been temporary halted by the U.S. Appeals Court in Louisiana after the Supreme Court granted Texas the ability to enforce the law.

Governor Reynolds stated her intent to enforce immigration laws that are not being executed by President Biden’s administration at the federal level. She said that the President’s failure to enforce the existing immigration laws has put Iowa citizens at risk and that is why she signed the bill into law.

The bill also calls for felony charges against illegal immigrants if previous deportation or denial orders involved misdemeanor crimes, including drug charges and previous felony convictions. There is an exception to the enforcement of the law that doesn’t allow police from arresting immigrants at churches, hospitals, or schools. Immigrants charged under the law are allowed to exit the country and avoid any other punishment.

Angelo Fernández Hernández, on behalf of the Biden administration, called out Republican congress members for not supporting the border security bill, which they say would have adequately resolved the issue. Fernández Hernández said that Republicans have ignored the needs of border patrol agents and have instead fueled a partisan divide. He further stated anyone who cares about the immigration and border crisis should support the border security bill.

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