Iran Forces Grammy-Winning Singer to Pen Anti-US Song

( – The Iranian regime has issued a harsh directive to Grammy-winning singer Shervin Hajipour, ordering him to write an anti-American song as punishment for his acclaimed track, “Baraye.” The song, a powerful protest anthem inspired by the tragic death of Mahsa Amini, who defied Tehran’s oppressive dress codes, garnered international acclaim for its bold defiance against the regime’s repression.

The 27-year-old musician, celebrated for his bravery in the face of political oppression, now faces a sentence of three years and eight months in prison on charges of “inciting unrest against national security” and “spreading propaganda.” In addition to his imprisonment, Hajipour has been assigned the daunting task of summarizing two books on women’s status in Islam and compiling instances of alleged human rights violations by the US government over the past century.

Hajipour’s plight has drawn widespread condemnation from human rights advocates, who denounce Iran’s blatant violations of freedom of expression and artistic autonomy. His legal team has vehemently contested the verdict, calling it a blatant attempt to stifle dissent and muzzle voices of criticism.

The singer’s courageous act of defiance was recognized on the global stage when, at the 2023 Grammy Awards, First Lady Jill Biden presented him with the prestigious Song for Social Change award. Despite being unable to attend the ceremony due to his incarceration, Hajipour’s message resonated deeply, symbolizing the resilience and defiance of those oppressed by authoritarian regimes.

Yet, Tehran’s vindictive response highlights the regime’s determination to suppress dissent and silence advocates of freedom. By coercing Hajipour into composing an anti-US anthem, Iranian authorities seek to undermine international support for his cause and perpetuate a narrative of hostility towards the United States.

The imposition of such draconian measures unveils the reality of the broader geopolitical tensions between Washington and Tehran. However, President Biden’s diplomatic efforts towards Iran, aimed at reviving the 2016 nuclear deal, have faced mounting criticism, particularly in light of Iran’s ongoing provocations and support for proxy militias across the Middle East.

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