Israel Should Not Pursue Extermination of Hamas, Chairman of Joint Chiefs Says

( – Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr, the recently confirmed Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has cautioned Israel against a “prolonged” war against Hamas, calling eradication of the terror group as a “pretty large order.”

Gen. Brown, when asked, expressed serious concerns about the rising toll of civilian casualties in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, as well as the potential for more Palestinians to join terror groups like Hamas as the offensive from Israel continues. Brown suggested that Israeli Defense Forces should focus on taking out the leaders of Hamas as well as working faster, as the longer the fight is drawn out for, the higher the possibility that Palestinians will turn to militant groups. A senior member of the Israeli government pushed back on this idea, suggesting that if Israeli Defense Forces try to move faster in their war against Hamas, more civilian deaths are likely to be seen. However, Brown did acknowledge that with his personal experiences in military campaigns, he is aware they tend to go on “longer than planned.”

Brown, who was only confirmed in September, said he believes Israel is following all the laws of war in their battles in Gaza. He did suggest that Israel could improve their communication with the public about how and why they are taking the actions that they are, and said he spoke to members of the Israeli military about this. Brown’s confirmation was stalled over concerns of his expressed support for groups like Black Lives Matter and affirmative action in the military, with some referring to him as “woke.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly stated that the battle against Hamas is a “tough war” and could last for a long time. Israel claims the high number of civilian deaths is the fault of Hamas, who Israel claims is using civilians as human shields and hiding their operation centers and munitions storage in residential areas.

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