Ivy League Campus Locks Out ‘Squad’ Member’s Daughter

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The daughter of infamous Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar has been suspended from Barnard College following her participation in an anti-Israel protest, leading the 21-year-old to claim she has “nowhere to go” and “nothing to eat.” Over 100 people, including Isra Hirsi, were arrested for trespassing after protesting at Columbia University on Thursday, April 18th.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Hirsi claimed she was suspended from Barnard College for her stance of “solidarity” with Palestinians. According to Hirsi, she did not realize she would be suspended and barred from entering her dorm on campus, as well as the university’s dining hall, due to her participation in the protest. Hirsi claims that barring her from the dining hall and dorms cut off her access to a place to sleep as well as food, saying the university offered no “food support.” However, in the interview, she admitted that the university offered her a bag of prepackaged food after she reached out to campus officials and told them she relies on her dining plan for meals.

Despite claims that she was unaware she would face disciplinary actions, Hirsi admitted that she and two friends had received “repeated requests” from both Columbia and Barnard to leave their protest encampment on Wednesday evening before her arrest and suspension notice on Thursday.

In the days before the protest, Hirsi’s mother, Rep. Omar, questioned the leadership of Columbia about whether they were committed to allowing “free academic expression” at the university. Omar also brought up during the hearing that anti-Israel protestors were attacked with a “toxic chemical substance” at Columbia. However, court documents indicate that the substance used was actually a non-toxic spray designed to smell like strong flatulence.

A colleague of Omar’s, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), shared online his belief that Hirsi’s suspension was retribution for her mother’s line of questioning to authorities at Columbia, saying it’s “clear what is happening here.” However, it is unclear why over 100 other students unrelated to Omar would also have been arrested if Hirsi’s arrest was politically motivated.

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