Jared Kushner Won’t Return to WH If Trump Wins

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The son-in-law to former President Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, announced on Tuesday, February 13, that he will not rejoin the White House if Trump wins the upcoming November election. Instead, he reiterated his intention to focus on his investment firm, Affinity Partners.

Kushner reflected on his past involvement, reminiscing about his role in the campaign and subsequent tenure in the administration, citing notable accomplishments achieved during his time. However, he affirmed his decision to step away from the political limelight, emphasizing his desire to prioritize his family life in Florida and dedicate his efforts to Affinity Partners.

In an interview, Kushner praised the current Trump campaign team and expressed confidence in their abilities. He suggested that Trump would build an even stronger team if re-elected, signaling his continued support for the former president.

Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, had previously announced her departure from her father’s campaign and any future White House endeavors, citing family as her reason. This mirrored Kushner’s decision, as both stepped away from politics despite their previous roles as unpaid White House advisors.

During his tenure, Kushner oversaw a diverse portfolio of responsibilities, including diplomatic efforts in the Middle East, trade relations with Mexico and criminal justice reform. Despite the ethical concerns raised by their roles, Kushner and Ivanka’s departure from the White House marked a shift towards their private ventures.

Affinity Partners, Kushner’s investment firm launched in 2021, has garnered significant attention, securing substantial investments and commitments. Despite initial skepticism due to Kushner’s limited experience in private equity, the firm has reportedly amassed billions in commitments.

However, Kushner’s business dealings have had its fair share of scrutiny, particularly regarding his ties to foreign entities. A reported $2 billion investment from a Saudi fund led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sparked controversy, raising questions about potential conflicts of interest.

While Kushner currently dismisses any inclination to return to Washington, he acknowledges the unpredictability of life, leaving the possibility of a future change in plans.

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