Judge Sentences Far-Right Protester to Time Served

Serial Killer Suspect Faces Judge

(ConservativeInsider.org) – A man with ties to a white supremacy group in Southern California has been sentenced by a United States Distrct judge to time served. Tyler Laube was charged for assaulting a journalist in 2017 at a rally for President Trump. Laube was detained for 35 days leading up to his trial and sentencing. Judge Cormac J. Carney issued the sentence on April 4.

The prosecutors for the case asked for a six-month jail sentence for the misdemeanor charge of “repeatedly punching” a reporter at the Donald Trump rally in Huntington Beach, CA. Laube said he had connections with individuals from the Rise Above Movement (RAM). This group describes itself as “combat-ready” with nationalist and white supremacist views. RAM is allegedly responsible for instigating violence at 2017 California political rallies.

One of Laube’s charges was interfering with a reporter’s federal rights, but his crime did not cause injury. Laube admitted guilt for this charge. Judge Carney, in his 22-page ruling, said that violence initiated by leftist groups like Antifa have been ignored by prosecutors. That was part of Carney’s justification for sentencing Laube for time served rather than the recommended 6-month sentence.

In February, a circuit court stopped Judge Carney’s ruling of the release of Robert Rundo and Robert Boman, the alleged leaders of RAM. The Judge dismissed the charges that were filed against Rundo and Boman. In his Feb 21 ruling, Judge Carney said Rundo and Boman were “selectively prosecuted.” The decision prompted the federal appeals court to issue a stay against the order. Rundo was released on the 21st and taken back into custody by the FBI in the evening of February 22.

The sentencing of Laube is just the latest in light sentencing decisions against right-wing individuals who he says have been “selectively prosecuted.” Laube, in his testimony, showed remorse and said he was just trying to be part of something and was “very troubled” back in 2017 when he became associated with the Rise Above Movement.

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