Judge’s $9K Fine Boosts Trump’s Fundraising

(ConservativeInsider.org) – After a New York judge held former President Donald Trump in contempt of court, Trump’s campaign quickly utilized it as a chance to fundraise for his presidential run.

Justice Juan Merchan held the former president in criminal contempt for nine statements made online, two of which were on his website while the other seven were from posts written by Trump on Truth Social. Trump was ordered to pay $1,000 for each violation for a total of $9,000. In his eight-page decision, Merchan warned Trump that “willful violations” of the court’s orders will not be tolerated and further violations may cause Trump to be incarcerated. The decision also included an order for Trump to remove the offending posts.

Mere hours after Merchan’s decision was released, the Trump National Committee, which is a joint effort between the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign, sent an email declaring that even though the court wants to “silence” Trump, he will “never” stop fighting for his supporters. The message included a link to send donations to his campaign. In addition to the email blast, Trump’s campaign also created ads for social media, pointing out that no president has ever been held in contempt of court before.

While Trump has never had difficulty raising money for his campaigns, his legal troubles have been used by his campaign to draw in additional funds to great success. Trump saw a significant increase in donations following steps taken by the New York Attorney General to seize Trump’s assets if he did not pay the bond for his civil fraud case. After Trump’s mug shot from his racketeering charges in Georgia was released, his campaign raised $4 million within 24 hours.

Though Trump has raised a significant amount of money for his presidential run in the last two years, his advisers are aware that incumbent President Joe Biden has the advantage in terms of cash raised. One of Trump’s allies recently said small grassroots donations to the campaign from new donors are “through the roof.”

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