Justice Alito Denies Flying Upside Down US Flag At Home

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito claimed that he had no involvement in flying the US flag upside down outside his Virginia residence in January 2021 after the US Capitol riots.

In the wake of Trump’s election fraud claims after the 2020 elections, an upside down US flag became synonymous with supporting his “Stop the Steal” efforts as many protesters flew such flags outside Congress on January 6.

According to the justice, his wife, Martha-Ann Alito, flew the inverted flag outside their home as a protest after being confronted by her neighbor who hurled abuse at her.

Meanwhile, FOX News journalist Shannon Bream also confirmed that the justice’s wife was the one who put the flag upside down.

Taking to the social media platform X, Bream wrote that she came to know that Mrs. Alito’s neighbor blamed her for the January 6 attacks and wrote the c-word on her yard sign, alongside throwing other expletives at her.

Bream further added that the Justice himself claimed that some of his neighbors have extreme political inclinations.

Despite Alito’s justification, many judicial analysts believe that the judge breached the ethics rules and can no longer be considered impartial.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin also slammed Alito and asked him to recuse himself from the two Supreme Court cases regarding Trump’s 2020 election fraud claims and January 6 riots.

On the other hand, conservative Senator Tom Cotton called the whole saga an attempt to threaten the judge.

Other conservative justices, notably Clarence Thomas, have also come under intense scrutiny in recent times because his wife urged Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, to support the election fraud claims of the former president. She also attended Trump’s rally on January 6.

However, Thomas refused to recuse himself from Trump’s cases and dismissed the allegations against him and his wife as “lies.”

The US Flag Code only allows the upside down display of the flag to show “distress” over severe “danger to life or property.”

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