Justice Clarence Thomas Slams ‘Nastiness’ of Critics

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas slammed his critics and accused them of propagating “nastiness” and “lies” against him and his wife.

Thomas was speaking at a judicial conference attended by legal professionals. He called Washington a “hideous place” and stated that all of us have life choices that allow us to decide whether or not we want to change ourselves due to the baseless criticism of others.

Thomas’s wife, Ginni Thomas, is also a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and has defended his election fraud claim. Trump, in return, has called Ginni a “great woman.” She also used her social media profiles to talk about the alleged corruption of President Joe Biden.

The Supreme Court justice also claimed that Washington is full of people who take pride in harming others. This is the reason, Thomas continued, he and his wife like “RVing” as it helps them connect with normal people and not those who are intentionally harming everyone else.

Thomas has attracted criticism from liberal activists and media outlets for receiving luxurious gifts and trips from billionaire Republican donors and not reporting them.

However, he has long maintained that he does not have to report the trips paid by his “dearest friends.”

Democrats have also demanded Thomas to recuse himself from the presidential immunity case of Donald Trump, but the conservative justice has refused to do so.

Meanwhile, Thomas’s recreational vehicle has also raised eyebrows among liberal watchdogs and Democratic lawmakers, who believe that the fair share of the $267,000 loan he got to buy the vehicle was forgiven.

During his speech, Thomas also talked about the urgent necessity of using simple language in court cases and legal reports, as it would help ordinary people understand the proceedings in an efficient manner.

Apart from Thomas, justice Brett Kavanaugh also spoke at the event. Kavanaugh said that the court’s unpopular decisions at a specific time later on prove to be beneficial for the country.

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