Kennedy Decries ‘Profoundly Undemocratic’ Trump Verdict

( – Independent presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called Trump’s hush money trial verdict “profoundly undemocratic” as he joined hundreds of critics who slammed the New York legal system for such a controversial decision.

In his social media rant, RFK Jr. stated that the verdict would backfire on Democrats in the presidential elections as an overwhelming number of people believe that the former president was the political victim of a biased judicial system.

He added that Democrats have weaponized law enforcement agencies against their political rivals, which is a poor sign for democracy.

The Democrat-turned-independent presidential candidate also noted that although he is not a supporter of Trump, he still believes that Democrats know their candidate cannot win a transparent election, which is urging them to manipulate the level playing field against the former president.

Kennedy’s running mate Nicole Shanahan also shared his message on X.

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee slammed RFK Jr. for his remarks and called him a “useful idiot.”

According to the DNC, RFK Jr. has no chance of winning the presidential race and is only running to increase Trump’s chances in the November polls.

Although it remains unclear which mainstream candidate will benefit from RFK’s inclusion in the presidential race, some polls suggest that he can win crucial votes from the left in some battleground states to hurt Biden’s reelection chances.

Right after the verdict, the Trump campaign went on a fundraising spree and broke many records by raising almost $53 million within a single day. Trump acknowledged Kennedy’s message and reposted it on his Truth Social account.

The controversial verdict in which Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts attracted criticism from many Republican and independent stakeholders.

Both Trump and Kennedy had previously come face to face, with the former president calling him a “Democrat plant” and a “fake” candidate. On the other hand, Kennedy called both Trump and Biden “giant cowards” for excluding him from the upcoming presidential debates.

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