Koch-backed Latino Group Announces 2024 Endorsements

(ConservativeInsider.org) – A Latino group backed by Charles Koch, The Libre Initiative, is endorsing the reelection of Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sam Brown, as well as Representatives Juan Ciscomani (R-Ariz.), Maria Elvira Salazar (R-Fla.), and Monica De La Cruz (R-Texas).

Jose Mallea, a senior adviser to the Latino group, emphasized the significance of the Latino vote in shaping America’s politics. He stressed that elected officials and candidates must recognize that Latinos nationwide are eager for solutions that boost the economy, create more opportunities, and empower them and their families.

The four endorsements carry strategic significance and have the potential to influence majorities in either chamber of Congress. Mallea stated that America and the Latino community need strong, principled policy champions who walk the talk on Capitol Hill. He added that this is why they are mobilizing and endorsing their grassroots army of Latino voters and volunteers to support these candidates in these key races.

The potential reelection of Salazar for a second term would make Republicans stronger in a South Florida district that used to lean towards Democrats. In a year when Democrats hope to regain the majority in the House, losing Salazar’s district is something Republicans can’t afford. De La Cruz is in a similar situation, representing a district that has been exclusively Democratic since its creation in 1903 until she won it in 2022.

Ciscomani is expected to have a rematch in 2022 with former state Sen. Kirsten Engel, who narrowly lost their first encounter by fewer than 6,000 votes. The Mexico-born conservative, Ciscomani, is regarded as a role model for younger Latino politicians and has closely associated with GOP leadership in the House during his initial term.

GOP Senate candidate Sam Brown, an Afghan decorated veteran, is running in a key statewide election in a predominantly Latino state where Democrats cannot afford to lose in both the Senate and the presidential race.

Mallea stated that the endorsed candidates are dedicated to advocating for policies fostering economic growth and opportunity while minimizing the expanding influence of big government. He expressed LIBRE Action’s pride in approving these policy champions and mentioned their anticipation of mobilizing the full force of their grassroots capabilities to support these candidates.

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