Louisiana Lawmakers Pass Bill to Reject Globalist Policies

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The state Senate of Louisiana unanimously passed a bill on Tuesday, March 26th that would prevent three major world organizations from “exerting power” within or over the state.

Louisiana Senate Bill 133 calls out the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the United Nations (UN) by name and states that none of those organizations will have “jurisdiction or power” within or over the state of Louisiana. This includes rules, fees, taxes, policies, regulations, or mandates from any of the three international agencies.

To become law, the proposal needs to pass the Louisiana state House as well as being signed by Governor Jeff Landry, a Republican. However, if it does pass, it will take effect on August 1st, 2024. The bill was proposed by state Senators Valarie Hodges and Thomas A. Pressly, as well as state Representative Kathy Edmonston, all of whom are Republicans. As the Louisiana legislature is controlled by Republicans, it seems likely the bill will pass.

When speaking to Blaze News, state Sen. Hodges spoke about the “horror story” that occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic, when organizations such as the WHO gave out “coercive regulations” such as vaccine mandates. Hodges added that though the WHO told us the experimental mRNA vaccine was “safe and effective,” it has led to “countless deaths” as well as harmful and long-lasting side effects because the so-called “experts” were wrong. She described the WHO as “strong-arming” Americans into making medical decisions without any long-term studies being done on the potential harm.

The director of the WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus, has been pushing a legally-binding pact called the “WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty” that will be voted on in late May by the World Healthy Assembly. The treaty has been criticized by several Republican legislators, specifically for its lack of transparency and the way it would infringe upon the sovereignty of the United States. Many have also pointed out the way the WHO defended China during the early days of the pandemic, promoting misinformation about the origins of the virus and encouraging countries to keep open borders with the country that released the virus into the world.

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