Machete-Wielding Professor Axed from Her Job

( – A professor who made the news last year for being fired after holding a machete to a reporter’s neck is in the news once again — this time, for being fired after making anti-Semitic remarks on social media.

Shellyne Rodriguez, 47, first came to the public’s attention while working as a professor at Hunter College in New York City in May of 2023. Rodriguez got into an altercation with pro-life students who were sitting at an information table, accusing them of “triggering” her and her students. In a video of the altercation shared to social media by Students For Life of America, Rodriguez said the students were sharing “f—cking propaganda” and asked if they were going to do an “anti-trans” demonstration next. When one of the student demonstrators tried to apologize for any triggering they may have done, Rodriguez snapped back, calling their demonstration “violent” before loudly stating “f—k this s—t” and shoving their materials off the table.

A day later, a reporter from the New York Post knocked on her Bronx apartment door and identified himself. She cursed and threatened the reporter before stepping out of her apartment and holding a machete up to his neck. The reporter and photographer from the Post left immediately, but Rodriguez chased them down the block and kicked the reporter in the shins before he got into his car. Shortly after the incident, a spokesperson for Hunter College reported that she had been fired.

In the more recent incident, Rodriguez shared that she had been fired from Cooper Union for making comments about “Zionists” online. Rodriguez claimed it was “fascism” and said it was akin to “McCarthyist repression.” On a virtual panel last month, Rodriguez suggested a Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement on Jewish landlords as a possible way to fight against Israel.

Back in October, Rodriguez shared a post on Instagram of a pro-Israel event that she had edited to include cockroaches. She described one of the event’s participants, former Bronx Borough President Rubén Díaz Jr. as a “Zionist lapdog.”

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