Maher Slams “Woke” Liberals on Morning Show

( – Famous liberal comedian and host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” criticized leftists and woke ideology once again. On “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Spotify recently, Maher and Rogan went hard against extreme leftists.

Rogan pointed out that Maher is more of a “reasonable” liberal instead of an extreme leftist. Rogan stated that liberals are now facing pressure to be leftists, and in order to be accepted by leftists, you need to agree with the “most fringe ideas” that are being promoted by other leftists.

Maher emphasized that the way he sees things, “liberal” is something different than “woke,” which he thinks goes too far left. Maher believes “wokeness” is defined by its obsession with identity politics and forcing political correctness on people.

This is, of course, not the first time Maher has attacked woke ideology. On an earlier episode of Maher’s podcast, “Club Random,” he and guest Jordan Peterson discussed how wokeness is antithetical to classic liberalism. They discussed how the goal of liberalism is to reach a color-blind society, but in woke ideology, race is the most salient feature of a person’s life.

Maher took his point a step further on The Joe Rogan Experience, noting that another group that sees race as “first and foremost” is the Klu Klux Klan, the white supremacist group. Rogan attempted to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment before acknowledging that identity politics was a failed endeavor and the only truly fair way forward is by judging people on their individual merits. Rogan added that we need to address other issues in our culture to reach equality, such as a lack of hope and “financial opportunities,” as well as a lack of role models and communities to support people.

Both comedians agreed that the Black Lives Matter movement was misguided, and Maher talked about how members of BLM don’t seem to care about black lives when the perpetrators are black, citing how many of his friends in Chicago no longer feel safe in the city, which is notorious for its out-of-control gun violence.

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