Michelle Obama Sitting Out Showing Support for Biden

Could Michelle Obama Really Run In 2024?

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Former First Lady Michelle Obama is not campaigning for President Joe Biden for his poor treatment of her close friend Kathleen Buhle, who is the ex-wife of Hunter Biden.

Even though her husband, Barack Obama, is organizing fundraisers for the Biden campaign, Michelle is surprisingly not taking any part in his campaign activities. She is even hesitant to vouch for him on social media and has consistently voiced concerns with the White House over its treatment of Buhle.

Michelle is considered a strong voice within Democrats even without any political experience and was once viewed as the potential replacement for Biden if he had refrained from the 2024 run. Some Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz still claims that Michelle is likely to replace Biden after his poor debate performance.

Reportedly, Bidens are angry at Buhle for her alleged attempts to leak private information about Hunter Biden, like his drug addiction and sleeping with prostitutes. However, Buhle’s friends suggest that the White House should be more concerned about Hunter’s actions instead of unnecessarily focusing on how his habits were leaked to the public.

In a recent court appearance, Buhle told the judge that she first came to know Hunter’s drug addiction after finding a cocaine pipe in their home. Buhle also claimed that she had to search for Hunter’s car regularly because her daughters also used to drive the same car and were otherwise vulnerable to driving the vehicle with drugs in it.

Apart from Biden’s treatment of Buhle, Michelle is also reluctant to back Biden due to his inclination towards partisan politics. Barack Obama has also stated that Michelle does not even like the idea of her daughters going into politics, particularly in the wake of partisan politics in recent times.

Some White House insiders are, however, trying hard to win Michelle’s loyalties as the November elections near despite knowing that she has previously indicated that campaigning is not the thing she likes.

She also initially stopped herself to support Biden’s 2020 ticket before eventually bandwagoning him.

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