Minnesota Scraps Proposed New Flag Over Somali Resemblance

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The design of Minnesota’s new flag received criticism on social media, with comparisons to the flag of Somalia prompting the State Emblems Redesign Commission, consisting of 13 individuals, to develop an alternative design in response to public dissatisfaction.

Concerns leading to the decision to change the old flag centered around a potentially racist image, depicting a white settler farming while a Native American rode away on a horse. One legislator who sponsored a bill to replace the flag, said that the previous design portrayed a disorganized scene with connections to genocide.

The flag controversy began when, on December 15, the commission unveiled the preliminary choice for a new design, showcasing a simplified shape of Minnesota in dark blue on the left, featuring a North Star represented by an eight-point star in the center. On the right side were three stacked bars—light blue, white, and green.

Upon revealing the new flag design, some online critics noted its resemblance to the flag of Puntland state in Somalia, which consists of blue, white, and green bars with a white star at the top center. It is noteworthy that Minnesota has a substantial Somali population, and Representative Ilhan Omar, a Somali immigrant, represents the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota, contributing to the controversy due to her connection to Somalia.

Ongoing debates on social media about the new flag design persisted for several days. In a meeting on December 20, some members of the redesign committee acknowledged the controversy.

In the end, the committee decided against using the controversial design and opted for a different one. The updated flag design features a white star representing the North Star on the left in dark blue, with the right side in a lighter blue.

The commission, consisting of members from the state’s tribal communities and individuals of diverse backgrounds, has been assigned the responsibility of redesigning the flag. They have until January 1, 2024, to develop new designs for the state’s seal and flag.

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