Missouri Governor Draws Backlash for Calling Parade Shooters ‘Thugs’

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Following the tragic shooting at the Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City, Missouri, the city’s Mayor, Quinton Lucas (D), found himself at odds with his republican Governor, Mike Parson (R), over his characterization of the suspects, sparking a conversation about race, media coverage, and the politicization of tragedy.

The shooting, which occurred last week, left one person dead and over 20 injured, including children. Following the incident, Governor Parson addressed the tragedy during a press conference, calling the suspects “thugs and criminals.”

Mayor Lucas, in response, took issue with this description on Friday, February 16, during an appearance on KCUR radio. He acknowledged the criminal nature of the act but strongly disagreed with the use of the term “thugs,” saying it is a “racial dog whistle.” He further criticized “conservative” theories circulating online alleging a media and law enforcement cover-up due to the suspects’ presumed race, emphasizing that the lack of mugshots stemmed from legal protections for juveniles.

Lucas’ remarks resonated with some, who saw Parson’s language as insensitive and potentially perpetuating harmful stereotypes. Others, including conservative commentator Ann Coulter, defended the governor’s statement, arguing that “thugs” is a generic term for criminals and not racially charged. However, her further claim that the suspects’ identities were being withheld due to their race faced criticism, with many pointing out the ongoing investigation and legal protections afforded to minors.

Amidst the debates, Police reported that the suspects — two minors whose identities remain undisclosed — were being held at the Juvenile Detention Center on charges related to firearms and resisting arrest. A third minor was also initially detained but later released after investigators determined their non-involvement.

Gunshots were fired near the Union Station parking garage during the Chiefs’ victory parade, resulting in the death of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a mother of two and local radio DJ, and leaving several others injured. However, due to the suspects’ age, Missouri law dictates that the hearings will not be open to the public.

Police Chief Stacey Graves emphasized that the shooting appears to have been stirred as a result of a dispute between individuals and not related to terrorism or extremism.

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