Most Texas Hispanics Are in Favor of Border Wall, Troops

( – A recent poll by the University of Texas/Texas Politics Project reveals that a majority of Hispanic voters in Texas support Governor Greg Abbott’s initiative to build a border wall and strengthen existing barriers along the Texas-Mexico border.

The poll shows that 56% of Hispanic voters support Texas building its own wall and enhancing border barriers, while 34% oppose it. Additionally, 42% of Hispanic voters favor installing buoys and barbed wire along the Rio Grande River to deter illegal entry, but 49% disapprove of this approach.

Looking at the broader population of Texas voters, 65% support the state’s efforts to build its wall and barriers, with 28% in opposition. Similarly, 57% favor installing buoys in the Rio Grande River, while 36% do not support this proposal.

The poll also found overwhelming support for deploying additional state police and military resources to bolster border security, with 66% of respondents in favor. Notably, 51% of Hispanic voters endorsed these measures.

In line with their views on border security, a significant portion of Hispanic voters (56%) disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of immigration and border security, compared to only 26% who approve.

Border security remains a top concern for Texas voters, ranking as the primary issue for 24% of respondents. This is followed by immigration (18%), political corruption (11%), and inflation (8%).

This political shift, marked by a growing alignment of Hispanic voters and officials with the Republican Party, has been unfolding gradually. Contributing factors include the ever-increasing number of Democratic officials switching to the Republican Party and the emergence of organizations like Project RedTX, which has been actively recruiting and supporting Republican candidates since 2018.

Several key milestones mark this political realignment. One example is the historic shift in voting patterns observed in Kleberg County, where traditionally Democratic residents overwhelmingly voted for former President Donald Trump in 2020. This trend continues in the 2024 primary election, with a surge in Republican candidates vying for office in border counties.

Furthermore, the poll data reveals a shift in voting patterns within traditionally Democratic strongholds like Hidalgo County. During the current primary election, Republican voter turnout has increased by 50.7% during early voting, while Democratic votes have decreased by 41%.

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