MTG Renews Push to Remove Speaker Johnson

( – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia delivered a scathing critique of prominent Republican members of Congress during her recent appearance on Fox News, targeting House Speaker Mike Johnson and outgoing Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin. Greene, known for her outspokenness within the GOP, didn’t mince words during her interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures.

She squarely pointed fingers at Speaker Johnson, criticizing him for what she sees as his role in the declining Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Specifically, Greene criticized Johnson’s decision to allow Gallagher’s delayed departure until April 19th, which she believes puts the party’s hold on key seats at risk.

However, Greene’s criticism didn’t stop with Johnson. She also aimed Gallagher and Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado, accusing both of resigning prematurely and potentially bolstering Democratic influence.

Greene’s primary concern seems to be ensuring the swift filling of the vacant congressional seat left by Gallagher’s departure to prevent Democrats from gaining ground in what is typically a Republican stronghold. To this end, she’s spearheading efforts to oust Gallagher from Congress before the April 19th deadline, paving the way for the state to pursue a replacement candidate.

However, Greene’s ambitions extend beyond Gallagher’s removal. She’s equally determined to unseat Speaker Johnson, though she acknowledges that she hasn’t yet brought the motion to the House floor. Describing her efforts as akin to issuing a “pink slip” to the current speaker, Greene insists it’s time for the GOP to seek new leadership.

Greene’s criticism of Speaker Johnson is at the core of his support for a $1.2 trillion appropriations bill to fund the federal government until September. She argues that Johnson’s failure to allow sufficient time for Republicans and the public to scrutinize the bill signals the end of his tenure as speaker.

In her passionate remarks, Greene emphasized her commitment to bringing about change within the Republican Party, asserting that removing Johnson wouldn’t disrupt former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. She rebuts criticisms suggesting that leaving the speakership vacant might harm Republicans politically in an election year, instead framing it as a necessary step toward revitalizing the party.

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